Golf Hawaii Tee Times is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our office is located in Waikiki on the corner of Kalakaua and Lewers Street. We are open every day from 8 - 6 pm HST. If you are in Waikiki, feel free to drop by and say Aloha.

Our entire staff are first and foremost golfers. We have played all the courses many times and constantly are in contact with the courses. All our staff handicaps are from scratch to 6.

If the name seems familiar from past, it is! We started a similar company in 2002 until 2008. We missed working with the courses and helping visitors get the best golf in Hawaii. It is great to be back doing what we love to do!

Our staff have been in the golf business for years in Hawaii. Our Previous Company was the largest tee time provider in the State of Hawaii.

We opened this new golf company because we missed being part of the golf scene in Hawaii and noticed that no online golf company was providing The Aloha that all our staff pride themselves on. We are more than a golf booking agent, we know where the good restaurants are, the tours that visitors should go on, which hotels to stay at and above all, to have a great holiday here in Paradise.

Our office is located in the heart of Waikiki
307 Lewers Street #701
Honolulu Hawaii, USA
Toll Free:    877 465 3170
Phone:       808 921 2808
Fax:           808 356 0188

        Golf Hawaii Tee Times Staff
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